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photo credit: Beth Fernleigh, Somerset Tasmania

nice to meet you! I'm Bel...
with 15 years experience in the industry


I know how to capture your best expressions & turn it into artwork to be treasured for years. You can trust me to photograph your precious life events - all the natural moments as they unfold. I teach photography at WEA College, Cooks Hill, or private lessons. I love showing people how to use their camera in Manual mode. Photography runs through my blood.

photo credit: Wayne Owers, WEA college Photo class student 


photo of night three: Beginners Digital photography class, WEA college

I haven't stopped since I took my first commission in 2005, and then ran a very busy commercial + family photo business in Rural Tasmania from 2012 - 2018. 


The studio was dreamed up + then built from locally sourced recycled materials built from many hands all over the world - belonging to  the backpackers that worked on the farm.

It was just before people started to use their smart phones for photos as much. Many people of all ages + backgrounds saw their true, relaxed self on the projector screen with music and loved the whole experience. 


The highlight of my career would be photographing Layne Beachley + having dinner with her!  &  also running straight out of the back of a  church with two newly-weds & jumping straight into a helicopter with them off to a secret location!

Some of the things i have witnessed + photographed have been some of peoples best moments + mind blowing at the time... captured forever.

I love when I photograph people, every time I catch myself having a head tipped back moment of laughter. I feel lucky in my job, and i want to capture things for history; 300 years from now; what will they want to see in the year 2322? Every detail! I've trained my eye to look for these things.

Over the years i have been an accredited professional photographer with the AIPPP (Australian Institute of Professional photography) since 2010, I have kept my skills updated and enhanced with workshops at least twice per year with industry leading professionals + take my craft and equipment very seriously.

In my spare time my family of 6 keeps me busy + I love running in the bush + on the beach & time in the garden growing food + Summer is my favourite time & the beach or at home is my favourite place to be. 

I'm a massive dreamer & do-er, I haven't watched TV or movies since 2011 & I live happily with the Love of my life that i met when we were 14+16 years old & our kids, right on the coast of Newcastle NSW with our 4 chooks & some fish in a canoe in the veggie garden.  

I work freelance in NSW & enjoy travelling to any location of your choice. 

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